2009 17th Annual Sauder's Easter Egg Run

The day was overcast, chilly, and rainy, but more than 250 runners, over 60 walkers and 35 bikers still showed up for Sauder's Annual Easter Egg Run & Walk. Despite the weather, it was a great day!  Take time to look at the photos below, and check out the results!!

2009 Easter Egg Run Brochure

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2009 EGG RUN RESULTS - overall (5 mile run)

2009 EGG RUN RESULTS (5 mile run) by Age Group

2009 EGG RUN RESULTS - overall (5K walk )

2009 EGG RUN RESULTS (5 K walk) by Male/Female




While Radnor's Megan Morel (above) successfully defended her women's title in last Saturday's Sauder's Easter Egg Run, Adam Webber (below) of Denver, capitalized on a strong kick to win his first crown. Webber won the men's championship in a time of 26:08 and Morel crossed the finish line in 32:00.