Sauder's Donates Eggs to the Food Bank


For the third year, Sauder Eggs is helping to fill the tables of nearly 3,000 families for the Easter holiday.

Sauder Eggs donated 30,000 eggs, which have a retail value of $3,000, to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and the Cleveland Foodbank.

"Helping neighboring families in need is of the utmost importance to our farm and to the state's egg industry," said Wayne Troyer, plant manager of the Ohio division of Sauder Eggs. "We're proud to offer our help and support when our community needs it now more than ever."

Sauder's also donated 270,000 eggs to the Food Bank for New York City.

Dear Paul,


We received your wonderful donation of eggs last week.  Thank you for participating in the program and for choosing to work with us this year.  Your generous donation was distributed to our network of more than 1,000 community based programs that help feed hungry New Yorkers.  Your generosity assists us in continuing our mission and we thank you for being our partners in the fight against hunger in New York City.   


Please feel free to stop in when you are in this area again.  I see your trucks on the highway a few times a week now.  The Food Bank is continuously working to end hunger in New York City.  We could not pursue this goal without the help of your organization and individuals like you.  I look forward to hopefully working together next year.



Dave Grossnickle


David Grossnickle
Director, Food Sourcing
Food Bank For New York City