Eggs are donated to the Northeast Food Bank

Just in time for Easter, volunteers scramble to deliver an exciting donation . Farmers donated 150,000 eggs to the Northeast Food Bank . We have never had such a large donation of eggs . That's huge. And it's a protein product. It's a wholesome food. We're always looking for eggs . This is incredible. According to a recent study, fresh eggs are one of the hardest foods for food banks to get. Hopefully it will put a dent in the statistic we're about to tell you. One in two children in the district is at risk for hunger.

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Sauder Eggs Shares the Holiday Spirit

April 12, 2009

WINESBURG -- They're not dyed or hard-boiled, but are bound to provide sustenance to many during the holiday season in which Christians celebrate life, resurrection, sacrifice and salvation.

Sauder Eggs is helping to feed more than 2,300 families this Easter holiday by donating nearly 28,000 eggs, which have a retail value of $2,800.

"This is the second year as an industry we all agreed to give a significant amount of eggs," said Paul Sauder, president of the company that has locations in Winesburg, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

They do so, "basically due to fact that eggs are a great source of protein," Sauder said. "With the economy the way it is, there's a great demand for protein, and we have the production capabilities to produce these eggs and give them to people in need."

Shipments of eggs were made by the company to Cleveland and Washington, D.C., said Sauder.

The effort also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness, showcase the industry and "show we are concerned about the economy and the people in need," Sauder said. "It's awesome to be part of an industry that wants to give like that."

In addition to Sauder Eggs' contribution, eight other Ohio egg producers are making egg donations this Easter season to the state's 12 regional foodbanks that are part of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks.

The Ohio contribution complements a national initiative being conducted by the United Egg Producers and Feeding America (formerly Second Harvest) that will provide more than 12 million eggs to foodbanks nationwide through a donation from America's egg farmers located across the country.

"Ohio's egg farmers are dedicated to helping those less fortunate," said Jim Chakeres, executive vice president of the Ohio Poultry Association.

"This is just one example of our commitment to supporting our local communities where we live and work, in addition to producing safe, affordable food for consumers and caring for our flocks and the environment." He said Ohio ranks second in the nation for egg production and produces eight billion eggs each year with a value of more than $600 million.

"Our family has been farming in the Winesburg area for years and we are proud to offer our help and support when our community needs it more than ever," said Wayne Troyer, manager of Sauder Egg's Winesburg plant.











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