"Lutein Eggs" to Bring Revolution

in Poultry Industry

The ‘Lutein enriched egg’ is an astonishing solution for preventing blindness in human beings and its commercial production will bring a revolution in poultry industry. 
These were the findings of a comprehensive research conducted in the department of poultry production at Ravi campus of UVAS by an M.Phil researcher Ahmad Ali under the supervision of a renowned team of scientists, including Dr M Akram and Dr Athar Mahmud.
Talking to The Nation, Ahmed Ali said that a group of researchers has evolved designer egg which is enriched with Lutein that can be helpful in preventing the blindness in a population aged over 50.
Lutein is a xanthophyll pigment mainly found in green leafy plants and flower petals (Marigold). It prevents the Macula (yellow spot) of eye and act as blue light filter. The efficient transfer of lutein is through eggs. Lutein enriched eggs are the astonishing solution to prevent a kind of blindness and improve immunity. 
The M. Phil researcher said that it is the best solution to get rid from heavy spectacles and intensive cost of medication. Lutein enriched eggs also prevent the cancer and it might be a unique gift of nature as its bio-availability is high through eggs.
It is hoped that this research would bring a revolution in the poultry industry. By adopting this research, farmers would be able to produce Lutein enriched eggs without affecting the health status of layers. Hence this would help the farmer to offer high quality protein at a cheaper price.