Tomorrow's Healthier Eggs are Here Today: Sauder's Gold

by Jon M. Casey

LITITZ , PA Health conscious consumers are continually looking for ways to improve their nutrition. Accordingly, food suppliers develop new products to meet those demands. Such is the case with Sauder's Gold Eggs. Sauder's Gold is a new line of eggs that are the “creation” of Paul D. Sauder, President of Sauder's Eggs. “We have been working on the Sauder's Gold Egg line for over three years now,” says Sauder, during a recent interview at his home office in Lititz. “We are looking to make a product that is enhanced and superior in nutrition and quality, to the commodity egg as we know it today.”


There's Gold in ‘em ‘ere Eggs!

“What we have developed is an egg that is enhanced with Omega – 3, Lutein, and Vitamin E,” says Sauder. “We have worked with the formulations of the feed that we give to the laying hens, and the benefits of those ingredients pass through to the quality of the eggs. As a result, this line of eggs is superior in quality and nutrition to the commodity egg as we know it today.”


Sauder says that the ingredients of the feed offered to the laying hens are all natural. “That makes this line of eggs even more attractive to today's shoppers,” he says. “We add flax seed, which is a source of high quality Omega – 3, to the standard laying hen rations. As a way of enhancing the Lutein levels, we found that by adding a certain kind of marigold petals, we have had excellent success,” says Sauder. “A commercial egg naturally has about 165 mcg of Lutein. Our Sauder's Gold contains 1,650 mcg.”


“We have also increased the Vitamin E levels by adding Vitamin E to the feed,” he says. “That offers us an egg with three of the most talked about nutrients that can be consumed today. Of all the different qualities of specialty eggs, whether it is free-range eggs, organic eggs, or other kinds of eggs, this is by far, the best value for the consumer when it comes to eating product that is healthy for them.”


“With all the good news about eggs, now that the cholesterol myth is behind us, enhancing this egg to a new level was ‘just the right thing to do,'” he says. “The color and flavor is enhanced. When you break this egg into a pan, you will see the difference immediately. The Sauder's Gold egg has a yolk that is brighter in color, and stands up taller than a commercial egg.”


Sauder says that he believes that the day will come when all eggs will be fortified in a similar way because of the benefits of the improved nutrition. “The bioavailability of the Omega – 3, the Lutein, and the Vitamin E, that is in these eggs is so much greater and is assimilated better than ingredients found in conventional vitamin tablets. “We so strongly believe in this kind of product that we are in the process of adding Omega – 3 to all of our organic eggs,” says Sauder.


“We are so excited about this line of eggs that we are planning a special event in April at the grand opening of a new Weis Supermarket in central Pennsylvania ,” says Sauder. “We will have the famous soccer star, Kristine Lilly there on April 21 st to promote our Gold egg line. Following that event, she will be here in Lititz, at the high school, to officially open the newly completed, lighted soccer field.”


Strives to be the Best

Sauder says that he and the egg producers that supply his eggs are striving to provide the very best that the egg industry has to offer. “The egg business and the marketing of high quality eggs is something that I've always wanted to do,” he says. “Sauder's has been producing eggs for more than sixty years.”


He notes that until recently, his family farm was one of the more than 80 farms that supplies Sauder's Eggs. As the company has grown through the years, Sauder focused his energies on the sales and marketing of the eggs and away from farming. Today, all of Sauder's egg production comes from independent egg producers. “All of the farms that provide our eggs are independent family farms,” says Sauder. “They work closely with us to supply the quality that we desire. They produce the eggs according to the United Egg Producers science-based production practices.”


“Our egg producers are committed to a program of best practices that are not only good for the community and the environment, they are good for the hens as well,” says Sauder. Sauder's was one of the pioneers of the Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program. This program has been instrumental in reducing the food-borne illnesses associated with eggs.”


“We pay very close attention to the welfare of the laying hens,” says Sauder. “We have known all along that healthy, well-treated hens produce the best eggs. We provide them with the proper amount of space to prevent stress. We give them the best food and water available. And, we care for them in a healthy way throughout their lives, as we handle and transport them.”


Other New Ideas

Sauder says that he is continually looking for new ways to encourage consumers to include eggs into their daily lives. “We offer several lines of eggs,” he says. “We offer organic eggs, free-range eggs, brown eggs, as well as our standard line of eggs. We look for ways to make buying and eating eggs more convenient,” he says with a smile. “Here is a way that is about as easy as can be,” he says as he points to an image on his laptop computer of a pouch of the company's new “Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs.”


“Boiling eggs is time consuming,” says Sauder. “Today's consumers often do not have the time to spend boiling, cooling, peeling, and storing eggs. We do that for them in this new product. Now parents can put hard cooked eggs in their children's lunches. They can have hard cooked eggs ready to put into salads or to eat as a nutritious snack.”


Another of Sauder's innovative products is their party trays of deviled eggs. “We currently have trays that contain 24 deviled egg halves with a pouch of prepared yolk filling,” says Sauder. “In the next few weeks, we will be introducing a larger version of that, a party tray of 48 eggs,” he says as he holds up one of the clear-topped, tray units. “The deviled egg trays have been extremely popular.”


As a part of his concern for the environment and the preservation of natural resources, Sauder has chosen to package his eggs in clear, recycled plastic egg cartons. “The clear plastic egg carton we use does not involve the use of virgin materials,” he says. “It is made from 100% recycled materials. It is made from PETE plastic, a combination of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic that includes such things as clear pop bottles, water bottles, and clear egg cartons as well. They are ground, melted and molded into new cartons which are then also 100% recyclable.”


When Sauder reflects on the things that make the egg industry so special, he concludes that it is the people who are involved that stand out above all else. “People who have neighbors who are in egg production, have some of the finest neighbors that they could possibly have,” he says. “When it comes to looking out for the welfare of the animals that they care for, the environment that they live in, and the stewardship of what they have to work with, these poultrymen are the best. I am proud to be a part of this industry for that reason.”  


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