Urner Barry Person of the Year Award

      Urner Barry Publications, Inc. is the oldest commodity market news reporting service in America.  Roots of the company date back to 1858 when one of the founders, Benjamin Urner, published the first issue of the "Producers Price-Current."

     For more than 140 years, Urner Barry has maintained its leadership position in the field.  The company has never strayed from its original goal of reporting  timely, unbiased price quotations and market conditions for the poultry, egg, dairy, meat  and seafood industries.

      Urner Barry's "Person of the Year" award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding life-long contributions to the betterment of the poultry, egg or red meat industries.  When nominated for this award, their tireless efforts towards improving the efficiencies of food production, marketing and distribution are not to be overshadowed by the universal respect they have earned from their colleagues.  Past recipientsof this award have proven themselves time and time again to be honorable in their business practices and a trusted friend to the industry.

2004 Urner Barry Person of the Year Award

Paul Sauder


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