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Sauder's Organic Eggs are produced by hens that receive a special vegetarian diet, including flaxseed, and special treatment. 


They eat only pesticide-free 100% organic feeds from the day of their birth;  neither the hens nor their feed can be subjected to antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or herbicides. If access to pasture is not feasible, flocks must be fed sprouted grains or fresh plants or hay on a daily basis.


The hens that lay the organic eggs are also cage-free birds, meaning they are free to roam throughout their henhouse - entering and leaving their nests at will.  Hens are required to have at least 1.2 square feet per bird floor space in the henhouse.  They also have access to the outdoors when seasonable appropriate.


Their eggs are gathered straight from the nest, placed in a cooler, and then processed.


  • Sauder's Organic eggs contain 200 mg Omega-3 in each egg.
  • Sizes: Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium
  • Dozen and half-dozen packages
  • Packaged in cartons made of recycled plastic, labeled #1 recyclable material.

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