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Pennsylvania Preferred ag program

        Lititz, Pa. - Sauder's Quality Eggs, a family-owned and operated firm that is a leader in Pennsylvania's agricultural industry, is at the forefront of the commonwealth's new Pennsylvania Preferred program.

        Paul Sauder, president of Sauder's Quality Eggs, Lititz, Lancaster County, today called on other agricultural businesses to join and promote the program being launched this year, beginning with activities at the 2004 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

        Developed by the state Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania Preferred will reach out across the commonwealth to sign up food and timber producers, grocers, restaurants and other agricultural-related businesses.  The program will promote sales of Pennsylvania fresh and processed products that will bear the PA Preferred logo.

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        "The best way to promote Pennsylvania agriculture is to help our farmers and producers be more profitable," said Sauder.  "We certainly can benefit from an additional marketing edge, and Pennsylvania Preferred is designed to do just that."

        Sauder noted that promoting Pennsylvania food products, helping these agribusinesses stay economically viable, also helps maintain land as farmland.

        Sauder's Quality Eggs processes and markets about 150 million dozen (or 1.8 billion) eggs, produced by a network of family farms, for the Northeast market each year.  Sauder is a pioneer in egg safety, including as a developer of the Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program, and in animal welfare issues at the state and national levels.

        Pennsylvania Preferred is being launched in 2004, with initial outreach efforts slated for the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  Sauder's Quality Eggs will be part of the Culinary Connection Market as part of Farm Show activities.

        Additional outreach will be through industry conferences, association meetings and other sessions throughout the year.  Marketing efforts are to include point of purchase information.

        Sauder helped develop program criteria and recently participated in a briefing for the Pennsylvania Senate and House Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees on the project.  Criteria include requirements regarding the proportion of the product produced or processed in Pennsylvania.

        A formal registration system is now being developed, and Sauder pledges to be among the first to participate.



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