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Quality eggs, whether in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Ohio, begin on the farm, with the most advanced strains of laying hens available. Sauder's producers house their chickens in a controlled, stress-free environment, where each hen drinks as much as she wants to and lays an average of five eggs a week. Because the chickens are well cared for, they lay eggs that are of excellent quality. Sauder's works closely with farmers to be sure their hens start off in this healthy environment, with the right kind of lighting, ventilation, and feed.

To preserve the exceptional quality of our eggs, the farmers who supply Sauder's Eggs have refrigerated storage rooms that maintain optimum storage conditions for fresh eggs (45 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity.) Eggs are then transported to Sauder's Plants (typically less than 50 miles) on refrigerated trucks.


Sauder's processing plants incorporate the latest egg-handling technology to maintain quality and food safety. Electronic candling systems help ensure that our eggs are clean and crack free, and rapid processing on automated equipment helps preserve freshness. Eggs received in the morning are routinely washed, candled, sized, packed and loaded onto delivery trucks that very same day!


Our commitment to quality control enfolds every aspect of our operations, including the fleet of more than 65 trucks that deliver eggs to our processing facilities and back out to the marketplace.

To ensure the proper handling of Sauder's eggs throughout their journey to your table, we own and maintain all of the trucks in our fleet, and all of the drivers are Sauder employees. All of our trucks are refrigerated - a crucial tool in maintaining egg quality. Our trucks are on the road in all kinds of weather and at all hours of the day and night, delivering the freshest of eggs and our related products.



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Awarded to Sauder Eggs by Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, the Green Disposal Certificate showcases the renewable energy generation and carbon offsets achieved by our commitment to prcess our wastes through Waste-to-Energy (WTE).


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Read the PA Department of Agriculture guidelines that we consistently meet and exceed to bring quality eggs to your table.

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