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Sauder's Eggs Processing Plant

The PennAg Industries Association website includes a fascinating tour of our modern, high-tech egg packing facility in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Click on the "Take the Tour" link below to see the automated machines that allow employees to easily, quickly, and safely inspect, clean, and pack eggs into the cartons we see on our grocery shelves.

Eggs are received daily at the facility, arriving by truck from local family and advanced agricultural poultry farms. They leave this facility ready to be placed on local supermarket shelves.

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From Farm to Fork

Sauder's Organic Eggs

Lancaster County Organic Producer

State of the art organic chicken house.

Outside access for hens.

If the weather is not to her liking, she can stay inside.

Excellent outside scratching area.

Inside the organic house, birds have several levels to purch.

Plenty of floor space inside for the birds.

Roosting for the night.

Happy chickens with lots of room.

It's like a jungle gym!

Egg belt carries the eggs into the packing room,

un-touched by human hands.

Eggs on plastic flats and carts in egg cooler.

Eggs are kept refrigerated at all times.

Eggs arrive at Sauder plant ready to be processed.

The egg loader places eggs onto the processing belt.

Suction cups pick eggs off the belt and place

them in line to be washed and dried.

Eggs are candled to check for cracks, dirty eggs,

or eggs with blemishes.

Eggs are weighed individually by computerized instruments,

then sent to a packer where the size is designated.

Eggs roll off the belt into a waiting carton.

Finished product waiting to be shipped to a customer.

Sauder Quality Organic Eggs

Certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, a USDA certifying agent.

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